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沈洋,公共经济与社会政策系教授、博士生导师中国家庭社会学专委会理事。本科就读于复旦大学历史学系,在伦敦政治经济学院获得性别研究(Gender Studies)博士学位。


Yang Shen got her PhD degree in Gender Studies at the London School of Economics. She is an associate Professor and a PhD supervisor in the School of International and Public Affairs at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Her research interests lie in feminist theories, intimate relationships, and migration studies. Her current research focuses on reproductive behaviour, housing and intimacy, online dating in China. Dr. Shen is also a script consultant and a freelancer writer for various media both in Chinese and in English.




     · 家庭与性别研究:情感劳动,网络相亲,职业女性二胎生育行为研究

     · 移民研究:上海服务业外来务工人员的主体性与主观能动性研究

     · 住房政策研究

     · 质性研究方法



1. Shen, Y. (2019).Beyond tears and laughter: gender, migration and the service sector in China, London: Palgrave McMillan.

· 学术书评见于Gender & Society, Feb 11, 2020.

· 媒体成果转化见于“澎湃新闻”和“知识分子”,接受“界面新闻”、《工人日报》、《劳动报》和


2. 剧变中国,流动人生:性别、移民与中国的服务业 (contracted with Sanhui Publishing House. Expected publishing year: 2021)

学术期刊论文(Peer-reviewed articles

女性生育与工作(reproduction and paid labour

1. Li, B. & Shen, Y.* (forthcoming). Publication or Pregnancy? Employment Contracts and Childbearing of Women Academics in China, Studies in Higher Education. (SSCI一区)

2. Shen, Y. & Jiang, L. (2020). Labour Market Outcomes of Professional Women with Two Children After the One-Child Policy in China, Journal of Social Issues. Early view. (SSCI一区)

· 接受“界面新闻”、《中国妇女报》和“澎湃新闻”专访 

· 媒体文章转化另见《中国妇女报》和“知识分子”

3. Shen, Y. & Jiang, L. (2020). Reproductive choices of highly educated employed women with two children under the universal two-child policy, Journal of Family Issues, 41(5): 611-635. (SSCI二区)

· 媒体文章转化见于“澎湃新闻”和The Sixth Tone

4. 沈洋,蒋莱(2018)提高生育率,需要政府和社会为女性提供育儿支持,城市治理研究,No. 3: 27-33.

迁移中的主体性(Subjectivities in migration

1. Shen, Y. & Hu, Y. (2020). Emotional labour in a translocal context: rural migrant workers in China’s service sector, Social & Cultural Geography. Online first. (SSCI二区)

· 接受界面文化专访

2. Shen, Y. (2016). Filial Daughters? Agency and Subjectivity of Rural Migrant Women in Shanghai. The China Quarterly, vol. 226, pp. 519-537. (SSCI一区)

住房与迁徙政策(Housing and migration policies

1. Wu, W., Shen, Y.*, Du, M., Hu, B. (2020). Non-familial coresidence and life satisfaction: Evidence from China, Habitat International. (SSCI一区)

2. Shen, Y. & Li, B (2020) Policy coordination in the talent war to achieve economic upgrading: the case of four Chinese cities, Policy Studies. Online first. (SSCI三区)

3. Shen, Y. (2015). Why Does the Government Fail to Improve the Living Conditions of Migrant Workers in Shanghai? Reflections on the Policies and the Implementations of Public Rental Housing under Neoliberalism. Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 2: 58–74. (SSCI二区)

书评(Book reviews)

· Shen, Y. (2019). International migrants in China’s global city: the newShanghailanders. China Quarterly, no. 240, 1150-1151.

· Shen, Y. (2017). Masculinities in the Making: From the Local to the Global by James W. Messerschmidt. Gender & Society, 31(1), 138–140.

· Shen, Y. (2014). Gender, Modernity and Male Migrant Workers in China: Becoming a 'Modern' Man by Xiaodong Lin. China Quarterly, 219, 881-882.

· Shen, Y. (2014). Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China by Leta Hong Fincher, LSE Review of Books.


     · 本科生专业必修课《定性研究方法》

     · 硕士研究生专业选修课《定性研究方法》

     · 公共管理专业硕士(MPA)专业必修课《社会研究方法》

     · 本科生专业选修课《性别、亲密关系与社会》(评教全校前15%)    

     · 国际博士研究生专业必修课Research Ethics and Thesis writing

     · 国际硕士班英文课程Gender, Intimacy and Social Policy


    · Column at the Sixth Tone:

    · Regular contributor to and widely-subscribed academic media network such as ‘Intellectual’ and ‘Madam Muse’ in Chinese

    · Interviewed by both international and local media including BBC,, Labour Daily and etc.


    · “上海青年购房决策中的代际关系与伴侣关系研究”,上海市哲学社会科学规划课题青年项目,2017年12月-2019年12月

    · “性别差异条件下上海临时工的就业选择机制研究”,gd真人app新进教师启动计划,2016年3月-2019年2月

    · “公租房政策惠及外来务工人员的可能性研究”,gd真人app城市治理研究院自由探索项目,2016年

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